We make them by hand in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire.

7.6mm door knob spindles

If you have a period property or old locks on your doors you might have 7.6mm spindles instead of 8mm which is now the standard size.  This refers to the diameter of the square section in the centre of our spindles and also the follower or square hole in the lock that the spindle passes through.  8mm Spindles will not go through 7.6mm followers.  As we are asked occasionally for 7.6mm spindles Tim usually files down our 8mm spindles by hand which is a little time consuming.  Our supplier is now able to make 7.6mm door knob spindles for us, but unfortunately they are considerably more expensive than the 8mm as they have to be milled.  So although we are will be able to supply them we will need to make a charge of £3.50 per spindle.  Please bear this in mind when pricing up your door knobs.  If any of this is unclear please ring or email for more information.

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7.6mm door knob spindles