We make them by hand in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire.

rosewood door handles
Rosewood Door Handles
These rosewood door handles are a bespoke style copied from a customer's original.  Thanks for the photo David.  If you're interested in rosewood door handles please have a look at our... Read More
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Oak shaker knobs 30mm
Shaker knob “P”
This is our smallest shaker knob, "P" which is 35mm x 35mm.  We made some for Ian for this lovely chest of drawers and he was very pleased with them. ... Read More
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Handmade ash cupboard knobs
Ash cupboard knobs
A lovely lady wrote to us recently with a photo of some cupboard knobs that she wanted for floor to ceiling storage cupboards.  We worked out the dimensions and this... Read More
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50mm light oak cupboard knobs
Cupboard knob “C” in light oak
A customer sent me this photo of her cupboard knob "C" in light oak, fitted to her furniture.  Thank you for the photo Pam and thank you for your order. Read More
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Hand made oak cabinet knobs
Cupboard knobs
Knobbs cupboard knobs are amazingly versatile and can make a huge difference to the way your furniture looks, fitted or freestanding.  It's well known that changing the handles for knobs... Read More
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Hand made oak door knob
Caledonia turned in oak
Our Caledonia standard door knob is our best seller.  Generally we turn them in beech and the spray some woodstain on them.  Amanda wanted some actually turning in oak and... Read More
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Scandi style ash door knob
Bespoke 28
Exciting news today - we're launching a brand new door knob!  Angela designed this one and it's based on the Scandi look - quite minimalist and modern with beautiful simple... Read More
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Gallery page wooden door knobs Dunsinane style doorknobs in F&B “Railings”
Dunsinane style door knobs in F&B “Railings”
This is one of our standard door knob styles called Dunsinane.  Over the last couple of years we've made lots of cupboard knobs and sprayed them with Farrow and Ball... Read More
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wooden cupboard knob oak shaker style knob
Oak Shaker Knobs
Our new oak shaker style cupboard knobs are now ready for take off!  We have three different sizes. P is 30mm, Q is 35mm and R is 40mm.  A real design... Read More
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wooden keyhole surrounds
Keyhole surrounds
We've been rummaging around in boxes in the workshop this week and uncovered these keyhole surrounds. They're made in beech, 35mm dia and 2mm deep. They are available for home... Read More
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shaker style knobs
Shaker style knobs
Here's a photo of some shaker style knobs that we made recently for a firm of architects in London.  A lovely simple design, they are turned in oak and are... Read More
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