Need some help?

  • I’d like to order some rosewood door knobs but I can’t find them in the on-line shop. How do I order?

    As there are only two of us at Knobbs Hardware we’re not able to put all of our door knobs in the shop because if we had too many orders at once we wouldn’t be able to keep up!  Please either email us at or fill in the contact form and we can get the ball rolling.  Of course you can always ring (please leave a message if there’s no reply, we won’t be far away) we always reply to emails, calls and enquiries from the contact page.

  • I called to place an order - what happens next?

    We’ll need a few contact details (name, address, phone number and email) and then we’ll email you a proforma invoice.  We take payment by BACS bank transfer, Paypal or cheque, whichever you prefer.  We’ll get started on your order as soon as we can and keep you informed of progress.

  • Do you use a courier or Royal Mail?

    Generally we use Royal Mail as they’ve proved to be so reliable for us.  If your order weighs less than 2kg then we’ll use the Signed For service or if it weighs more than that it will go via Parcelforce.  Either way a signature will be required, so if you’d prefer us to send your order to your work address or a friend/family member we’re happy to do so.

  • How will I know if I need 8mm spindles or 7.6mm?

    If your locks are more than about 50 years old then they might have a 7.6mm follower.  That’s the square hole through the centre of the lock.  The industry standard is now 8mm and all modern locks have 8mm followers.  We can supply 7.6mm spindles, they are an extra £3.50 each.

  • I like cupboard knob “E” but can you make them in rosewood?

    Yes certainly, our door and cupboard knobs are made to order.  We don’t buy them in and make them ourselves.  Simply ring, email or use our contact form with your requirements, we’d love to help.

  • We have walnut knobs on a piece of furniture but the dog has chewed some of them. Can you make some replacements?

    Yes, we’ll do our very best.  If you can post one to us then we can give you a quote and we will of course return it with your order.

  • I have some really small and intricate oak knobs that are looking a bit tatty, can you make some more?

    We always do our best to make replica knobs but there are limitations.  Very small or detailed knobs can take a very long time to turn, thus making them rather expensive.  They can be a bit tricky as oak has a very short grain and little “chunks” of it can come off when doing very intricate work.  This doesn’t happen on larger cupboard or door knobs.  If you can send a photo with some sizes (preferably in millimetres) we’ll then be able to give you a straight answer and a price if we can make them.

  • Can you make me some pine knobs for my kitchen?

    No, we don’t use soft wood, only hard woods such as beech, oak, rosewood, cherry and ash.  We’re unable to turn bamboo as it’s a grass rather than a timber and it delaminates during the process.

  • Can you replicate colours?

    Within reason yes, but not 50 years of wear and tear!  Your new door or cupboard knobs will look a bit “new” for a while.  This piece from our news page gives a bit more information about replica knobs and there’s a photo of a set that we’ve made together with an original to give you an idea of what you can expect.

  • Do you sell rimlocks?

    They are readily available in different styles from all sorts of outlets, we can help you locate a suitable supplier if you’d like some help.

  • So what is a mortice knob?

    A mortice door knob is used with a latch or a lock mechanism, which is set within the door (as opposed to a rimlock).  All of our mortice door knobs are sold as a set (or pair) complete with spindle and fittings.

  • Where do I get those locks from?

    We can supply them and have them in our online shop.  They have 8mm followers so work perfectly with our door knobs.

  • I don’t need to buy spindles or anything else?

    No, we supply everything you need with our door knobs.  One of the knobs will have a spindle glued into it and the other is fitted with a 10mm insert.  The spindle passes through the door and screws onto the other door knob and is tightened up with a grubscrew.  We’ll include fitting instructions with your order.

  • Do you supply samples?

    Certainly, if you’d like to buy a halfset (that is one single door knob) please let us know.  Or if you need cupboard knobs you could just buy one to begin with.  Simply order through our online shop.  Once you are happy you can always order again.

  • How long does delivery take?

    That depends on how many orders we already have on the board.  Generally a week or possibly two, but we’ll give you a delivery date at the time of ordering.

  • Do you deliver overseas?

    Yes we do, we’ll give you a price if you let us know where you are and what you’d like to order.

  • How much is postage?

    It’s £6.00 on all orders, large or small, UK mainland only.

  • Do you pass on or sell my details to 3rd parties?

    No, we keep all personal information in compliance with the GDPR regulations.

  • Can I visit your physical shop?

    Yes, you’re very welcome to come and see us in the workshop.  Please give us a call first to make sure we’re here though.  Rural North Pembrokeshire is quite a long way for most people, we’d hate to think you’d had a wasted journey.

Contact Us

When you are ready to order or if you have any queries or questions simply fill in the form below to contact us. We check messages regularly throughout the day and will reply as soon as possible. Carriage charge on all orders is £6.00 (UK mainland only). Recipient liable for local taxes and charges on international orders.

Alternatively if you’d like to drop us a line stating what you’d like to order (with a cheque payable to Knobbs Hardware) we can get started on your new door or cabinet knobs ASAP.

Feel free to ring us on 01437 532595 during office hours or email anytime at We’d love to help!