We make them by hand in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire.

How our bespoke door knobs are made.

How our bespoke doo knobs are made.  The four Standard Designs – Atholl, Birnam, Caledonia and Dunsinane are named after Scottish forests.  They are turned from beech – a plentiful, hard and tight grained hardwood that turns well and gives a good finish.  Along with our cupboard knobs they are available in the following shades – Ebony, Dark Oak, Walnut, Medium Oak, Mahogany, Light Oak, White and Natural.  We can also leave them with a plain sanded finish for you to stain or paint as you wish.  As our door knobs are made individually size and colour may vary ever so slightly.

All the other door knobs are hand turned on a wood lathe in time honoured tradition without the intervention of computerised machinery.  Here a variety of differently shaped chisels and the calloused hands of real live people are the methods of production.  These door knobs are made from a selection of timbers including oak, rosewood and ash.  Or any other available hardwood that you wish.  While fashions come and go wood is tactile and warm to the touch.  Nothing replicates the look or feel of this beautiful and natural material.

Provenance is important to us and where possible the materials for our door knobs are sourced within the UK.  This way we can ensure that the components we use are good quality and we do our best to support other British businesses.  The door knobs are completed to our high standards in our workshop here in North Pembrokeshire.  As our door knobs are made to order we do not have rows of them sitting on shelves.  Therefore delivery time is usually within a week or two, but we will inform you of a delivery date at the time of ordering.  Carriage charge is £6.00 regardless of the size of order.

*Our door knobs are not mass produced imports – we make ourselves in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire*

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