We make them by hand in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire.

Replica door knob sets

We are often sent old door knobs in the post with a request for replica door knob sets to match.  Although we cannot guarantee that they will always turn out to be identical (as all the processes are carried out by hand) we do our best to make the new door knobs as faithful to the originals as possible.  Here is an example of some sets we turned for a customer in Glasgow for a period property.  The original is in the foreground.  The door knobs were turned in beech and then the colour was matched as closely as we could.  The customer wanted the brass collars and roses to have an “antique” look rather than looking too new, so we painted them with distilled vinegar (yes, really) and it worked a treat.  This helps the process of a beautiful patina to develop.  No harsh chemicals required, although the workshop had the aroma of the chippy for a while!

If you have old or original door knobs in your home and they’ve seen better days please send one to us, preferably with a spindle, and we’ll discuss turning new door knob sets for you.  We do a lot of this type of work nowadays and we think we’re the only company in the UK that do this.  We will do our very best to help, you won’t be disappointed.


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Replica door knob sets