We make them by hand in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire.

A note about our rosewood bespoke door knobs

Lots of our bespoke door knobs are turned in rosewood.  A beautiful exotic hardwood, our rosewood is the Sonokeling species which is grown on plantations established by the Dutch on the island of Java, Indonesia.  Sonokeling is the same tree as Indian rosewood but differs, presumably because of the plantation origins and to some extent climate, in having a broader colour range.  There can be a huge variation in shading from deep purple brown, reddish brown, sometimes greenish brown and it is more or less striped.

It might be worth bearing this in mind if you have ordered rosewood bespoke door knobs in the past and are ordering again.  When rosewood bespoke door knobs are brand new off the lathe they can have a dark purple hue that eventually over time lightens slightly to a more brown shade.  This process is something that is out of our hands and only the passage of time will bring about.

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Rosewood bespoke door knobs