We make them by hand in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire.

What materials do we use?

What materials do we use?  In environmental terms wooden door knobs are perhaps the ultimate in `green` door furniture.

The beech, oak and ash we use comes from managed woodlands and to the best of our knowledge is all from sustainable sources.

Our exotic hardwood supplier assures us that these products are harvested in a sustainable manner, complying with the rules and regulations that govern the sale of these items.

The woodstains and lacquers we use are all water based and pose no threat to the environment.  Even the water we use to clean our brushes comes from our rainwater harvesting system.  Otherwise known as a waterbutt!

Our spindles and inserts are bought from a company here in Wales as we believe in buying British where possible.  The same goes for our packaging (which is recycled and/or reused where we can) as well as our screws, allan keys, woodstain and tools right up to the machinery and equipment.

There is very little waste here at Knobbs Hardware.  Any slivers of timber go on the woodburning stove and the wood shavings are composted.

*Our door knobs are not mass produced imports – we make them ourselves in our workshop in rural Pembrokeshire*

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